Selguant is the Capital of Sembia a nation of city states. Selgaunt is ruled by the hulorn, a hereditary merchant mayor. As in all Sembian cities, the true power is with the merchants. Selgaunt has a number of powerful temples, including ones dedicated to Sune, Oghma, and Lathander in addition to shrines to Tymora, Lliira, Milil, and Torm.

Population : 169,000 people that rises to more than 202,000 in summer months.

The Law

They serve as both the town guard and army when necessary. They report to the hulorn. They are responsible for mundane crimes such as thievery, arson, and murder. However, the degree of investigation that such crimes receive depends greatly on who they affected. The more important the victim, the more persistence the city guards show. Additionally, a powerful merchant can make embarrassing legal entanglements disappear quietly, provided that they were not too well known. For example, should a younger son or daughter of a powerful family turn out to be a thief, and be caught, the family head could most likely smooth things over if he or she agrees to take some action to ensure that the miscreant doesn’t cause trouble again. If the same son or daughter is caught consorting with pirates, the whole family suffers since that is one of the unforgivable crimes, so the power of merchant families over the law depends on the severity of the crime.

Knights of Selgaunt
In theory they report to hulorn, but are essentially independent. They consist mainly of paladins and lawful fighters and clerics. They can’t be bribed and enforce the laws, sometimes when the Scepters can’t or won’t. They believe and swift and immediate justice. They are also called in as judges and adjudicators because the people trust them. Merchants may or may not call them in depending on if they are on the right side of an argument. They worship Torm and keep a small shrine.

The judicial system is headed by a tribunal that meets once a week to hear cases that are large and where the law is in question. It consists of a three judge panel of clerics:
Torm, Intereted in justice (conservative)
Sune, Interested in liberty and personal freedom (liberal)
Oghma, Keeper and interpreter of the law (neutral)


Sune, beauty and love
Lliira, joy sub to sune
Oghma, knowledge, bards
Milil, music sub to Oghma
Lathander, creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality and youth
Tymora, good fortune
Torm, Justice
A small shrine dedicated to Torm. Torm is not very popular due to the nature of the city, but the people still invoke Torm’s name when they feel they’ve been cheated in a deal with a merchant which is frequently.


There are a lot of merchants in tSelgaunt. The following is list of the typical merchant and their skill level for different types of merchandise.

Merchant 2 12 cha, Diplomacy +5, Appraise/Sense Motive +4
Street Vendor
Merchant 4 13 cha, Diplomacy +8, Appraise/Sense Motive +7
General Goods Store
Merchant 6 13 cha, Diplomacy +10, Appraise/Sense Motive +9
Speciality Store
Merchant 9 14 cha, Diplomacy +14, Appraise/Sense Motive +12
Very Specialized, Magic Shops, Ships
Merchant 12 16 cha, Diplomacy +18, Appraise/Sense Motive +16
Elite Merchant, Several Shops, Minor Merchant House

Housing Prices

Housing prices 1000 gp a room in general
Simple one room house/apartment 1000gp
3 Bedroom house with a kitchen and living area 5000gp

Raven Gardens 3-10X as much
Copper Alleys .5 X as much

Rent is 1/240 the purchase price or 20 years rent. So a one room house/apartment is about 4gp a month to rent.


Merchants of Selgaunt Calsar