Captain Alcar's Ship

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Musheer Yasir (Quartermaster) (2 Fighter/3 Sailor, 10 Sailor skill)
Tall dark skinned lanky sailor. Seems competent at organizing people and has some combat ability.

Riclannan Soldshort (1 Rogue/3 Sailor, 7 Sailor Skill)
Halfling sailor. Friendly and nimble. Good at climbing and throwing knives.

Styrkar Whitedagger (3 Sailor, 6 Sailor skill)
Elf sailor that is standoffish. Carries a white dagger which is a family heirloom.

Torsten Whiterod (2 Sailor, 3 Sailor skill)
The cabin boy, barely of age. Become more proficient at sailing.

Faran Grayring (4 Sailor, 9 Sailor Skill)
Human, missing most of his teeth and slurs his words.

Deogol Skullsmasher (3 Barbarian/1 Sailor, 8 Sailor skill)
Half orc. Gruff half orc sailor. Hot tempered. He seems to know how to fight and attempted to fight off some skeletons with his bare hands.

Athelstan Redling (2 Rogue/2 Sailor, 7 Sailor skill)
He is rather flamboyant, though not as good at as the zero. He takes orders readily, but shows a lack or initiative.

Sirhan Bayyan (3 Sailor/1 Cleric, 9 Sailor skill)
Sirhan is very polite and respectful which is surprising in a sailor. He carries a coin with the a picture of Tymora the goddess of luck.

Finnbog Hardstone (4 Sailor, 7 Sailing Skill)
Dwarf sailor. Gruff, but seems like a good guy.

Fylson (4 Fighter, 7 Sailing Skill)
A Elven archer who recently joined the crew.

Issenth (3 Rogue, 5 Sailing Skill)
A femaie rogue who recently joined the crew.

32 Other Sailors
10 Balista Gunners

Captain Alcar's Ship

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