Selgaunt Map


Dragon’s QuayThe docks on the south side of Selgaunt’s harbour. Two large ships from Sembia’s Navy are docked here at the moment. Near the docks is a pub called the Crow’s Nest, catering to seafarer’s and dock workers. This is the south-east corner of the city.
Points of Interest: Ye Olde Map Shoppe, The Crow’s Nest, Sebastian’s, The Excelsior, Stonehammer Tower and Forge, Docks

Arkhen QuayThe docks on the north side of Selgaunt’s harbour and home to the Green Gauntlet Inn. This district is the north-east corner of the city and is located at the mouth of the River Arkhen where it empties into sea.
Points of Interest: The Green Gauntlet Inn, Docks

Shipwright LanesLocated to the south of the Inner Harbour, this district houses craftsmen and shipbuilders and has a few warehouses as well.
Points of Interest:

Hulorn’s WardThis section of the city is home to the Palace of the Hulorn (the city’s mayor) and a large walled off forest and garden area called The Hunting Garden. It’s use is restricted to the Hulorn and his guests and is rumoured to be stocked routinely with all manners of creatures to hunt for the amusement of the Hulorn.
Points of Interest: Hunting Gardens, Hulorn’s Palace.

Raven GardensHome to nobles, councillors, and wealthy merchants, Raven Gardens is filled with large houses and estates and has an increased presence of the Scepters to help keep out the ‘riff-raff’. A few of the city’s larger temple’s are in this district.
Points of Interest: Twelve Oaks Park, Temple of Sune, Temple to Oghma, Shrine of Lliira, The Great Library, Mage College, House of Elion, The Overlook, Gladomain Estate, Northern Gate

Kozakura DistrictThis area, home to merchants, laborers, artisans, and residents from far away Kozakura in the lands of Kara-Tur, was sponsored by a consortium of wealthy merchants from Kara-Tur seeking to establish a base of trading in the western lands. They paid, and indeed are still paying a substantial sum to the city and the Hulorn for the privilege, and the Hulorn seems happy to oblige them. Many exotic foods, spices, silks, and other goods (perhaps even weaponry) from the lands of Kara-Tur can be obtained here.
Points of Interest: Hsiang Lu’s, The Dojo, Temple of Lathander

Chancelgaunt QuarterThis district in the south-west corner of the city is home to The Black Stag (Inn and Tavern), one of the few inns taking in adventurers. Some of the city’s oldest buildings are in this district.
Points of Interest: Stormweather Towers, Sarntrumpet Towers, The Fletcher’s, The Black Stag Inn and Tavern, Tower of Thay

Selgar’s MarketIt is said, “When you look into a Sembian’s eyes, you can see coins being counted in his mind.” In no place is that more true than in Selgar’s Market – the marketplace district at the west gate of the city.
Points of Interest: West Gate, Merchant Council, Marketplace, Tanners, Shrine of Milil, Shrine of Tymora, Iron Throne Guildhall, Golden Sun Tavern

Copper AlleysThis poorer section of the city is at the north-west corner and houses brothels, dives, slums, and other dens of depravity.
Points of Interest: The Arena, The Orchid

Outer West GateThis is the main entry gate to Selgaunt. The gates are closed at night.
Points of Interest: The Outlook Tavern, Silver Moon Tavern, Stables

Selgaunt Map

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