Merchant Houses

House of Isterin (Major House)

Whitebirch Manor
Wealthiest and most powerful family, current mayor
Specialize in: Money Exchange, Gems, jewelry, precious metals
Head of House: Andeth Ilchammar, The Hulorn (mayor)

House of Uskevren (Major House)

Stormweather Towers
Originally founded based on illegal smuggling activity, but reformed and popular with the people
Specialize in: food, furs, cloth
Head of House: Thamalon Uskevren
Shamur Uskevren, Thamalon’s wife
Thamalon Uskevren II, Thamalon’s first son
Thazienne Uskevren, Thamalon’s daughter
Talbot Uskevren, Thamalon’s son

House of Soargy (Major House)

Sarntrumpet Towers
Long history and known for cut throat tactics
Specialize in: weapons, armor, tools, and forged items
Head of House: Rildinel Soargyl

House of Nammart (Major House)

The Overlook
Newer house that cornered the market on ships
Specialize in: Ships, Shipwrights, Maps, Navigation tools, ship supplies
Head of House: Vorcer Nammart

House of Elion (Major House)

House of Elion aka The Tree House
Long history headed by the same leader (an elf)
Specialize in: magic items, furniture, clothing, books
Leader: Tanyl Elion

House Gladomain (Minor House)

Gladomain Estate
Specializes in: Luxury goods: wine, jewelry, clothing, art
Lady Gracerath Gladdomain, Head of House
Rabica Foxstep

House Stonehammer (Minor House)

Stonehammer Tower and Forge
Specialty: Forged goods
Lead by Shoren Stonehammer (Dwarf)

House Lu (Minor House)

Hsiang Lu’s (Large shop with living quarters above it)
Specialty: Kara-Tur goods (weapons, silk)
Lead by Hsiang Lu

House Rothyer (Minor House)

Rothyer Estate
Specialty: Raw ore, mining
Lead by Throtin Rothyer
Cona Rothyer, Throtin’s eldest daughter
Arele Rothyer, Throtin’s younger daughter

Atos Zaimusk (Major Merchant)
Rare animals, rare animal parts/magical components

Ardon (Major Merchant)
Information Broker

Elmund Undell (Major Merchant)
Powerful sorcerer, on the council of the mage guild
General trade goods, owns several ships

Merchant Houses

Merchants of Selgaunt Calsar