Iron Maiden


AC 2; Hardness 10
HP: 3240 (sails 620)
Base Save +12
SR: 20

Maximum speed
Wind: 60 ft ; Acceleration 20 ft
Wind + Engine: 120; Acceleration 40
Just Engine: 60 ft; Acceleration 20ft
CMB 8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 16d8
Crew: 20

-5 on Skill rolls to for sailing maneuvers (the ship has the maneuverability of a pregnant yak)

Sailing speed, 1.25 miles per hour or 30 miles a day.
Steam speed, 2.5 miles per hour or 60 miles a day
The ship is 30ft wide and 100 ft long.
Hold: 60 tons
Steam: 10 tons of coal a day

When the engines are cranked up the ship accelerates and moves faster than a sailing ship or oared warship. However, it requires a full time engineer to monitor the engine to prevent it from literally blowing a gasket. You have to constantly adjust the valves and such to keep it going without over pressurizing and blowing out.

The sails are magical silk sails with double the hardness and hp of normal sails and DR 20 vs fire. The silk sails are black, which makes the ship look pretty menacing as if a steel ship wasn’t already menacing enough. Also when you crank the engines up, steam pours out pipes in the top and it make a loud engine noise. Seeing this thing come at you would cause most crews to have involuntary bowel movements.

The ship is warded against magic (using clerical magic). It has non-detection and SR 20.

Iron Maiden

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