Guilds and Temples

Temple of Sune

Darla, Human Female, Head Priestess
An very attractive and friendly woman. She always has something nice to say. While not overly sexual, she has dropped hints about a naughtier side.

Finnir, Human Male, Assistant Priest
A attractive and physically fit man. He’s quit charming, but rather bold and forward with women.

Kacris, Human Male, Assistant Priest
A very pretty man. A nice guy, but very obsessive about his appearance.

The are around 65 total clerics of Sune in the city.

Temple of Oghma

Hetes, Human Male, Head Priest
Very business like and dry. Specializes in history and geography.

Aralid, Human Female, Assistant Priestess
Charismatic and handles the day to day affairs of the temple. Specializes in Nobility, Local, and Music.

There are around 46 total clerics of Oghma in the city.

Mage Guild

Worak, Human Male, Head of the Wizard Council
His is quite old, but recognized as he most powerful wizard in Selgaunt. He specializes in protection magic and created the wards on many of the nobles homes.

Paer Soargy, Human Male, Senior Council Member
An older wizard and the uncle of Rildinel Soargy.

Masul Soargy, Human Male, Senior Council Member
A middle aged wizard and cousin of Rildinel Soargy.

Aleas Celetholta, Elven Female, Senior Council Member
The only non human on the council and cousin to Tanyl Elion.

Radser Istern, Human Male, Council Member
Middle aged wizard and uncle of the Hulron.

Elmund Undell, Human Male Sorcer, Council Member
A former adventurer and merchant. The highest level sorcerer in Selguant and only sorcerer on the council.

There are approximately 64 other Mages in the guild and 32 Sorcerers.

Bard Guild

Endel, Human Male Bard, Guild Leader
Know as the man who can do anything, Endel is a a jack of all trades and highly skilled musician

Amaro, Female Half-elf, Assistant Guild leader
A exceptional dancer and musician, she is also know as an expert on Nature.

Hatek, Male Human
The party maker. Most of the larger parties in Selguant are organized by Hatek. He is an expert in string instruments and on in the know with the nobles.

Rhaus, Male Human, Bard, Sailor, and Scroundal
A renown thespian and story teller (especially tales of pirates).

The are approximately 86 bards in the guild.

Other Temples and Guilds

Temple to Lathander
There is a moderate sized temple to Lathander.

There is a small temple to Tymora, though she is popular among sailors.

Adventures Guild
Membership fluctuates. They maintain a board with jobs and wanted posters.

Trade Guilds
Most of the trades have a guild in Selgaunt. They set prices and handle disputes and organize apprenticeships.

Thieves Guild
There are rumors that there is more than one thieves guild in Selgaunt.

Guilds and Temples

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