The following people have been shipwrecked on the island with you:


Musheer Yasir (Quartermaster) (2 Fighter/2 Sailor, 8 Sailor skill)
Tall dark skinned lanky sailor. Seems competent at organizing people and has some combat ability.

Faran Saberthrasher (Deceased)
Large human sailor. Was killed by the Dryad when he tried to chop down a tree in the forest.

Riclannan Soldshort (1 Rogue/2 Sailor, 7 Sailor Skill)
Halfling sailor. Friendly and nimble. Good at climbing and throwing knives.

Styrkar Whitedagger (2 Sailor, 6 Sailor skill)
Elf sailor that is standoffish. Carries a white dagger which is a family heirloom.

Lukyan Grishaski (Deceased)
Blind in one eys and wears an eye patch and has many scars on his face. Mean and cut throat.

Torsten Whiterod (1 Sailor, 3 Sailor skill)
Was the cabin boy, barely of age. Scared of whole situation.

Faran Grayring (3 Sailor, 7 Sailor Skill)
Human, missing most of his teeth and slurs his words.

Eskil Yellowguard (Deceased)
Killed by Drow

Lambi Arnfinnssen (3 Sailor, 6 Sailor Skill)
This sailor is crude and lacks even basic social skills and is generally apathetic.

Raziq Jaali (3 Sailor, 5 Sailor skill)
Raziq is curious and impulsive which is a dangerous combination. He has wandered off alone a couple times, but so far has made it back ok. He is also allergic to some plant on the island and sneezes a lot.

Deogol Skullsmasher (2 Barbarian/1 Sailor, 5 Sailor skill)
Half orc. Gruff half orc sailor. Hot tempered. He seems to know how to fight and attempted to fight off some skeletons with his bare hands.

Athelstan Redling (1 Rogue/2 Sailor, 6 Sailor skill)
He is rather flamboyant, though not as good at as the zero. He takes orders readily, but shows a lack or initiative.

Sirhan Bayyan (3 Sailor, 8 Sailor skill)
Sirhan is very polite and respectful which is surprising in a sailor. He carries a coin with the a picture of Tymora the goddess of luck.

Finnbog Hardstone (3 Sailor, 7 Sailing Skill)
Dwarf sailor. Gruff, but seems like a good guy.

Eilrath Silkmover
Half-Elven Bard. She was originally disguised as a very ugly woman on the ship. She managed to keep her silver flute when the ship wrecked. She seems seems to spend time sucking up to those in charge or with power.


Lady Gracerath Gladomain (? Aristocrat)
Human aristocrat. Very obese, arrogant, lady of the Gladomain merchant house. Only survived because servants Rabica and Artur pulled her to shore.

Rabica Foxstep (2 Expert Servant, Diplomacy 6, Knowledge Nobility 6, Farmer 6, Craft Clothing 6, Servant 6)
Gracerath’s servant. Young girl, but competent.

Artur Redworm (Fighter 3)
Gracerath’s sole surviving man at arms. Refuses to leave her unprotected unless she orders it.

Halig Elmgrove
Elven merchant. Nice guy and goes with the flow.

Gildas Stillcloud (2 Commoner, Craft Leather 7)
Human tanner. Was traveling to set up new shop with family. Lost wife in wreck, but saved daughter.

Amanda Stillcloud (0 Cute Commoner)
Gildas’s daughter, she’s about 8 year old and super cute but is sad due to her mom’s death. She seems to be fascinated by Thanos and follows him around.

Vigfus Eindridison (2 Commoner, Carpentry 5)
Human carpenter. Angry at the situation, grumbles all the time. Has a carving Knife.

Hollytranna Shortcloak (4 Expert Tinkerer, Craft Metal 6, Carpentry 8, Craft Rope 6, Engineering 6, Fishing 1)
Female Gnome tinkerer. Very good at crafting and finding creative uses for materisls she finds.

Olivier Wrymover (0 Commoner)
Young man. Was on his way to be an apprentice jewlery maker in Selgaunt. He’s a bit of a slacker.

Aluora Hollysharp (2 Expert, 5 Cook, 5 Gardening, 5 Craft Clothing)
Human female. Was travelling to get married. Good cook.


Scarlet Zero
Human rogue.

Half-elf rogue.

Human fighter.

Gnome oracle.

Human sorcerer.

Captain Alcar
Half-elf bard.

Onda Laire
Elven monk.


Merchants of Selgaunt Onda_Laire