Captain Alcar's Followers

Fylson (5)
Issenth (4)

Celest: Neutral good Human 3rd lvl Sorcer: bloodline celestrial, heard of my generosity and decided to follow me in the hopes of aiding those less fortunate.
Str 8, Dex 10, Con 9, Int 14, Wis 11, char 13 feats: skill focus(spell craft), skill focus (Heal), craft wondrous items
Skills: Spell craft +11, Heal +10, Craft(alchemy) 8, Profession(Herbalist) 6
Spells known: 0/spark, light, Detect magic, read magic, mage hand 1/Bless, craft fortune, magic missile, Poly purpose panacea
Bloodline abilities: Heavenly fire, Celsetrial resistances

Timothy G. Baileywick the third: Human Aristocrat lvl 4 Admires my artistry and has brought with him a young fashion designer and a expert crafter of fine clothes, for an artist like myself should always be fashion forward.
str 8, Dex 10, con 9, Int 14, Wis 12, char 13 Feats: skill focus(Diplomacy), Persuasive, Additional traits: merchant, world traveler
skills: Appraise 10, Diplomacy 14, Profession merchant 8, Intimidate 10, Knowledge local 9, knowledge nobility 9, sense motive 9

Erin Scarlet: Human (female) Expert 3rd level: An up incoming fashion designer. By dressing me in the latest fashion of her design she hopes to gain her own renown. Always refers to herself in the third person.
str 9, Dex 10, con 11, Int 15, wis 12, char 8 Feats skill focus (craft clothes), skill focus (profession fashion designer), prodigy
skills: Knowledge local 8, knowledge nobility 8, Craft (clothes) 13, profession (fashion designer) 12, appraise 8, craft(cloth) 8, craft (armor) 8, craft leather 8

Seth Austin: Human commoner 3rd level: Erin’s husband and partner.
str 9, dex 10, con 11, Int 14, wis 13, char 8 Feats: skill focus craft clothes, skill focus craft cloth, skill focus craft leather
skills: perception 7, craft clothes 11, craft leather 11, craft cloth 11, profession tanner 7

Chaucer Dickinson: 2nd lvel Bard gnome. Has a professional scribe and storyteller he is determined to chronicle all my adventures for posterity.
str 7, dex 11, con 10, int 13, wis 10, cha 14 Feats: Breadth of Experience(+2 to all profession and knowledge skills)
Skills: Craft (book) 6, profession (scribe) 9, knowledge local 9, knowledge history 9, slight of hand 5, stealth 9, Performance (act) 7, Performance (oratory) 7, perception 2, Bardic knowledge 3
abilities: versatile performance (oratory) Diplomacy and sense motive at 7, gnome ablities: 1/day dancing lights, ghost sounds, prestiation, spark, speak w/animals, Bardic performance:( contersong, distraction, fascinte, inspire courage +1), well versed
spells: 0/read magic, summon instrument, spark, message, unwitting ally, 1/play instrument, vanish, ventriloquism

John Mac: 2nd level human commoner: Dock Foreman, He keeps the dock at ciliden’s fort running smoothly, tracks what is coming and going
str 10, dex 10, con 11, Int 12, wis 13 cha 9 feats skill focus profession: dock foreman, skill focus craft ship
skills: Profession: dock foreman 9, craft ship 9, climb 5, swim 5

Kate the sharp eared: 2nd lvl half elf commoner: Sailor (had to have at least one)
str 10, dex 11, con 11, int 12, wis 13, cha 8 feats: skill focus profession sailor, skill focus perception
skills: profession sailor 9, climb 5, swim 5, perception 11

Leo Bloom: Human 2nd level commoner: Accountant, keeps track of the money and goods, our book keeper
str 8, dex 9 con 11, Int 13, wis 14, cha 10 feats: skill focus profession accountant, additional traits: world travler, mentored
skills: Profession Accountant 11, Diplomacy 6, perception 7, Profession merchant 7

Dodger: half elf level 2 Expert: Local Urchin, age 12, I’m his hero. He is a professional urchin meaning he is a beggar, spy, pickpocket, information gatherer. The kid has skills. He keeps me informed of anything interesting going on in and around town while I’m away.
Str 9, dex 12, con 11, Int 13, Wis 10, cha 10 Feats Skill focus profession (urchin?), Additional traits: ordinary, vagabond
skills: Profession (urchin): 8, stealth 6, stealth in crowds 10, Disable device 6, slight of hand 7, knowledge local 7, knowledge nobility 6, perception 7, diplomacy 5

Commoners: 15
Bard, 2
Clerics of Sune, 3 (your groupies)
Clerics of Oghma, 1
Warrior, 3
Aristocrat, 2
Merchant-Expert, 1
Midwife,- Expert, 1
Painter – Expert, 1

Captain Alcar's Followers

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