Merchants of Selgaunt


Day 10

Returned to base.

Day 9

They eventually found a big tree that Drow were hiding in. They attacked the Drow, but had difficulty because the Drow were in the tree and they didn’t want to upset the Dryad by setting it on fire. A range combat ensued. There were serious injuries and both sides and the Drow tried to escape by sliding down a zip line to the other size of the river. However there were more Drow on that side. The party thought they were in trouble because they were hurt, but the Drow on the other side of the river cut the zip line and started attacking the Drow that fell into the river. The Drow they originally attacked tried to call a cease fire with the party when the Drow group on the side of the river showed up, but they party didn’t accept and kept attacking. Scarlet Zero agreed to the cease fire, but no one else listened. A three way battle ensued. Eventually both groups of Drow fled. The Drow the party originally attacked lost 3 of their five members and the Drow group on the other side of the river lost one. The party was beat up pretty bad as well.

Day 8

Then they went back to camp to find out who was stealing the food. They followed tracks through the woods for a day and had to camp over night.

Day 7

They moved the camp to the wizard house.

Day 6

They headed back to camp, found some poison berry bushes that compel you to eat poison berries that make you sleep. They fought a sleepy owlbear and burned the bushes. James ate some berries in the process and fell asleep for 12 hours. They made it back to camp and found the villages about to lynch the fat woman for steeling food. They had no evidence, but food was missing. More food went missing that night.

Day 5

The party traveled north along the shore, because they want to move away from the Cave that leads down to the Underdark. They found a patio that went right to the cliff edge of the beach. There was a working fountain built on the patio and a house. They fought an Ogre and his pet boar. They discovered the fountain was powered by water elemental. Inside the house they found the body a mage who had had broken his staff of power in a fight and killed himself in a process along with some Drow. The bodies were really old. The found some other elementals bound in the house, fought a Mephit, found a few magic items that had survived, and discovered an earth Genie bound to the house in the basement that was keeping the house in ground in repair. They had some argument about whether or not the free the elementals. Some of them they have no means to free, but they did manage to free the one in the fountain.



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