Merchants of Selgaunt

Lady Gladomain's Party

The setup for the party has been going for a week. Since you are staying at Lady Gladomains estate you are already there. The food has been preparing since the night before and several bards have been hired to play music throughout the house and garden area. The estate is rectangular shaped with a garden in the middle. Furniture and art work has been moved around to the rooms that be used in the party. The overall look is over the top opulence. The garden area is where the bulk of the people will be. A small stage has been setup to one side and the center of garden has been roped off with an area of freshly dug dirt.

People being to arrive about two hours before the main event and are greeted by Lady Gladomain and her husband. Apparently the early people are of lesser rank. They don’t seem to know who the party is at first, but for those of you who speak to them once you tell them who you are they seem to know about you and your adventures on the island (though the details aren’t very accurate). Both The Captain and Cilden seem to have a cloud of people that hang around them. As it gets closer to the main event you hear the names of the some of the major merchant houses get called out. Then about fifteen minutes before the main event Andeth, The Hulorn shows up (he’s the mayor/ruler of Selguant if you haven’t read the wiki).

Gladomain invites The Captain, Eilrath, and another bard up to the stage. The Captain sings of your adventures with Eilrath playing her flute and the other bard as backup. As she sings an image appears above the stage that plays out the adventures complete with sound effects. In the illusions the party faces many dangers (that are greatly exaggerated). There are scenes of Zero and Ribo bravely facing down enemies fighting back to back, Petros cutting down four Drow in a single swing, Cileden shooting lighting from his hands incinerating rooms full of undead, the monk is doing flips in the air and leading in kicks that kill Drow followed up by blows hitting every Drow around him, The Captain is leading and inspiring the group with her holding off a Drow with a rapier in one hand while using the other to heal a wounded comrade. The Dragon in the illusion is at least twice as big as the one you fought. The illusion also shows the paty finding giant piles of treasure and glowing magic weapons and items. Back at the camp Lady Gladomain is seen leading the castaways and giving comfort to the party when they return from their battles. The performance is magnificent (30 or more performance skill from everyone, The Captain rolled a 13, Elirath a 20, and the backup an 11 they also got +4 on the skill for the backup). Eilrath’s poignant flute solo as the illusions show the castaways morn the dead from shipwreck has audience in tears, The Captain’s singing both durning the excitement of the combat and the aching desire to return home is moving, the backup bard is outstanding highlighting both The Captain’s and Eilrath’s performances.

Afterward Lady Gladomain gives a speech that is just as moving if not more so than the performance, thanking the party for their bravery in seeing the castaways and herself home. She says how grateful she is to be home to the city and people she loves. She says there were many mysteries on Drow island and wonderful magic. There as sense of anticipation in the air (assisted by the music the bard is playing in the background). She makes a flourish to herself. Her dress is expertly designed to highlight her new figure. The way she is made up she is very attractive tonight. She pulls out a box and opens it. Inside is a gem. With the lighting behind her you can see his has something inside it. She walks down through the crowd toward the center of the garden. As she passes by you can see there is a seed in the gem. With a flourish she drops the gem in the freshly dug dirt in the center of the garden. There is a man there, obviously a druid. He waters the area and then proceeds to cast a spell. A tree begins to grow. It gets larger and strange silver colors leaves sprout form it. It continues to grow into a wide ornamental type tree about 15’ tall and 20’ across. As the druid continues the spell buds and then flowers appear on the tree. The music in the background grows to a crescendo. Then the flower gives way to what would be fruit on a normal fruit tree, but instead the flowers become gems. There is a gasp from the crowd. As you look around you can almost see the gold pieces lighting up in the eyes of the people around you. Lady Gladomain reaches up to the tree she is now standing over and picks one of the large gems. She gives it the The Hulorn with a small bow. The crowd swarms around Lady Gladomain and you see a satisfied smile on her lips. You also notice some guards have quietly surrounded the tree to keep people from touching it.

After they swarm Lady Gladomain, the The Captain gets swarmed as do some of the other party members.

Drow Challenge

Day 19

Trip back to base.

Day 14-18

The party finds the cave entrance with a locked door. A sign over the door written in Drow says “Easy”. The party explore the cave and discover it is filled with traps, undead, and other challenges. They surmise it is some type of test for the Drow. They find treasure and a few magic items in the cave along with a forge and materials to craft weapons hidden behind a secret door at the end. The exploration takes several days because the cleric stayed back of the house and the party spends a lot of time resting to recover from their wounds.

Day 13

Riboflavon and the Scarlet Zero report they have found a cave that appears to have supplies stored in it. The party decides to investigate. They travel to the cave.

Day 11-12

Recovered from the battle with the Drow. Worked on getting the group organized and assigning tasks to fish and gather food.


Day 10

Returned to base.

Day 9

They eventually found a big tree that Drow were hiding in. They attacked the Drow, but had difficulty because the Drow were in the tree and they didn’t want to upset the Dryad by setting it on fire. A range combat ensued. There were serious injuries and both sides and the Drow tried to escape by sliding down a zip line to the other size of the river. However there were more Drow on that side. The party thought they were in trouble because they were hurt, but the Drow on the other side of the river cut the zip line and started attacking the Drow that fell into the river. The Drow they originally attacked tried to call a cease fire with the party when the Drow group on the side of the river showed up, but they party didn’t accept and kept attacking. Scarlet Zero agreed to the cease fire, but no one else listened. A three way battle ensued. Eventually both groups of Drow fled. The Drow the party originally attacked lost 3 of their five members and the Drow group on the other side of the river lost one. The party was beat up pretty bad as well.

Day 8

Then they went back to camp to find out who was stealing the food. They followed tracks through the woods for a day and had to camp over night.

Day 7

They moved the camp to the wizard house.

Day 6

They headed back to camp, found some poison berry bushes that compel you to eat poison berries that make you sleep. They fought a sleepy owlbear and burned the bushes. James ate some berries in the process and fell asleep for 12 hours. They made it back to camp and found the villages about to lynch the fat woman for steeling food. They had no evidence, but food was missing. More food went missing that night.

Day 5

The party traveled north along the shore, because they want to move away from the Cave that leads down to the Underdark. They found a patio that went right to the cliff edge of the beach. There was a working fountain built on the patio and a house. They fought an Ogre and his pet boar. They discovered the fountain was powered by water elemental. Inside the house they found the body a mage who had had broken his staff of power in a fight and killed himself in a process along with some Drow. The bodies were really old. The found some other elementals bound in the house, fought a Mephit, found a few magic items that had survived, and discovered an earth Genie bound to the house in the basement that was keeping the house in ground in repair. They had some argument about whether or not the free the elementals. Some of them they have no means to free, but they did manage to free the one in the fountain.


Day 1

The game starts out with the players booking package on a ship to Selgaunt, but disaster strikes as a large storm drives the ship into a reef and the players are stranded on an island. Some of the sailors and passengers on the ship made it shore. There are over 30 survivors in all. The island appears to be quite large and two volcanic peaks are visable in the distance about 30 miles away.

Volcanic Peak off in Distance
Volcanic Peek

The first order of business was to find food and water. Though the Oracle is capable producing enough water for everyone, the first mate thought it best to find a source of water just to be safe. The first mate and some sailors left to walk along the beach and fine a source of water. The players and some other sailors went into the woods to look for food and cut down a tree to make a canoe for fishing.

When one of the sailors attempt to cut down a tree a Dryad Druid appeared and cast creeping doom on him. She warned the group not to cut down any trees or start fires in the forest.
The players managed to gather some coconuts and the group led by the first made found a stream flowing into the sea about five miles down shore.

Day 2

The next day the castaways set off to the water source. Along the way they noticed water spouting from rocks on the shore with glints around it that turned out to be gold pieces. The collected the gold they could and decided to return at low tide to retrieve the rest of the treasure. They later discovered a broken treasure chest and some bones in the hole along with scattered gold and gems.

Pirate Treasure Hole with Spouting Water
Pirate Treasure Hole

That night skeletal pirates assaulted the camp to retrieve their treasure, but were defeated by the players. They players also noticed a bright light off in the distance and thought there might be settlement that direction.

Camp Location by fresh water stream
Fresh Water

Day 3

The next day the party set out to discover the source of the light. Unfortunately, the light was not a village, but a crazy wizard that spends his time casting continual light on grains of sand. While the wizard was not helpful, the party did pick some continual light sand and a map of the Sea of Fallen stars from which they discovered the island they are on is uncharted.

Later that day the party followed the steam of water up land and discovered a large pool where the water collected. There is wildlife around the pool that can serve as a source food, however the party are not the only hunters who use the pool as bait. A giant Lizard attacked the party, but was quickly killed and turned out to be a good source of food.

Late that night orcs attempted to kidnap the little girl Amanda and stabbed her father Gildas. Quick action of the party prevented the orcs from escaping with the girl.

Day 4

The next day the party set out to find the location of the orcs. The found some caves the orcs live in. After several skirmishes the party finished off the orcs in the cave and discovered a cave that leads deep into the earth. After following the cave for some distance they ran into a Drow. While they defeated the Drow they decided that it wasn’t wise to follow the caves any deeper under the island.


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